New Record:

Innocent When You Dream: Dirt In The Ground. Buy Digital Copy Here.

"If you are already a Waits fan, this album might send you scrambling to purchase any titles in his catalogue that you’ve missed. And if you’re not a Waits fan, this album could convert you."

-Bobby Reed – Downbeat (Editor’s Pick)

"Snaky and funky sounds abound! Innocent When You Dream weave their artistry and style into a tapestry of atmospheric playground material that takes the ear on both fascinating and dangerous journeys to the lands beyond your typical jazz stylings. Gorgeous sounds from Aaron Shragge, move the music into a deep and tranquil space, adding breath and scope to the many melodies and moments that float in and out throughout..."

– Ingrid Jensen (Juno Award winning trumpeter/composer)

First Recording:

Innocent When You Dream: Celebrating The Music of Tom Waits: Purchase IWYD's first CD here.